The Story of Evy's Angels Bracelets and Necklaces

Andie-K® Wearable Art and A Silver Lining Foundation™ are proud to announce the addition of Evy’s Angels™ Necklaces to its collection of Evy’s Angels™ Bracelets to benefit A Silver Lining Foundation™.  Last year Andie-K® created the Evy’s Angels™ Bracelets collection that helped raise awareness of the mission of ASLF and generated funds to support it.

For several years Andie Kramer, the force behind Andie-K®, has had a special relationship with ASLF’s founder, Dr. Sandy Goldberg.  Andie has created unique pieces of jewelry that support ASLF’s Buy A Mom A Mammogram® program, which funds the entire spectrum of breast health testing for uninsured women in the greater Chicago and Rockford areas.

Dr. Sandy’s late mother, Evelyn (Evy) Goldberg’s philosophy, “We are all family and we have to help each other through the tough times,” is the cornerstone of ASLF and the spirit behind Evy’s Angels Bracelets and Necklaces.  They are handmade with love and infused with positive thoughts and energy.  Dr. Sandy, herself a breast cancer survivor,  wears each bracelet for additional luck before giving it to a woman in treatment or to someone close to such a woman.  Bracelets are often passed from one woman to another, creating an unspoken link of comfort and support.  It is our hope that the new Coptic cross necklaces will follow that tradition.


Evy’s Angels™ Bracelets and Necklaces are available in assorted colors, styles, sizes, and prices.  The newly created necklaces have a vintage silver Coptic cross in the center of a string of uniquely chosen beads.  A portion of the sales proceeds from each Evy’s Angels™ piece will be donated to ASLF.

Each Evy’s Angels™Bracelet and Necklace includes the story of Evelyn Goldberg, an Andie-K® signature charm, and an authentication certificate signed by Dr. Sandy.  The bracelets and necklaces are blessed and consecrated with positive energy by a pranic healer.   Pranic healing is a highly developed and tested system of energy medicine that utilizes prana or life force to balance and harmonize the body’s energy processes.

The loving legacy of Evelyn Goldberg is indeed a silver lining.

Visit Andie-K® Wearable Art at our website, to see a selection of Evy’s Angels™ Bracelets and Necklaces.  Custom Evy’s Angels pieces can be designed to your individual wishes and specifications.

Andrea Kramer