Wooden Buddha, African Bone & Wood Necklace

Wooden Buddha, African Bone & Wood Necklace


The greatest discoveries are not apparent at first glance.

Rouged aged wood beads and hand carved African buffalo bone discs increase in size as you glide your hand along the length of this necklace and stumble upon an intriguing centerpiece. Feel the hand carved exterior; that’s a nose, a smile, the unmistakable double chin--this bead is a carved wooden face of the Buddha.

His gaze is antiqued under layers of rust and black paint. An off-centered gold plate on the bead adds a luxurious dimension to this necklace’s elegantly simple design. Bali-style gold metal enriches the wood- and bone-based palate, transforming this versatile piece into informal, professional and gala-appropriate jewelry.

Length 59.69 cm/23.5 in. Weight 155.9 g/5.5 oz.

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